▼ Moving from Molenbeek ▼

Our hangar in Molenbeek will be heavily renovated later this year. That's why we're looking for a new place to carry on our work. 

What does that mean concretely?

The workshop and the tool library will close on Monday 13th of May (included). All of our tools should be returned that day.

We will most likely reopen early July. The final date and location will be revealed soon in May! Meanwhile, Tournevie stays open in Ixelles.

Do keep in mind that the tool inventory in Ixelles is a lot smaller. If you'd like to use these tools, be sure to make a reservation well beforehand!

▼ Questions? ▼

We have a question for you. We are looking for some help to disassemble, move and install our stock. 

Do you have time and goesting to help us out in May? Send us an e-mail via olivier@tournevie.be!

Thanks a lot!