We've finally struck a deal! 

Tournevie and the Vaartkapoen (vk*) are joining hands for the next one year and a half. 

You'll find us in the workshop of this illustrious entertainment venue in Molenbeek from Monday 19th of February onwards.

We will be opening twice a week once again, this time around with an updated and expanded range of excellent quality tools.


These are the extra perks we'll have on offer:


  • Workshop: members can now use the workshop (+- 100 m²) in return for €5 per day. In addition to access to the workshop, members can use a number of dedicated workshop tools  and tools from the tool library that are not lent out at that point in time. The workshop will be open every monday between 10h and 18h, with the possibility of extending this to other moments later on. The range of woodworking machinery and powertools will be steadily increased as time goes on. 
  • Insurance: members are automatically covered by an 'omnium' insurance against all accidental wear and tear (excluding bad intent or gross negligence). 
  • Extension of loans: members can extend their loan with another week through the online system (provided the tools have not been reserved by others). This extra week can be taken up at the start of the loan when properly motivated by members when they drop by to get their tools.
  • No restrictions on the amount of tools that can be borrowed, irrespective of the type of membership (monthly or annual). 
  • Upgrading from a monthly to annual membership can be done by simply paying the price difference.
  • Special benefits: people with limited means, such those who are unemployed, can have a 50% reduction on their membership fee. Don't hesitate to ask us when dropping by during opening hours or by mail.

All of the above shows that we are slightly adapting membership types. From February 19th onwards, we are offering these types:


  • Individual - Monthly membership: € 20 - 1 month, standard loan term 1 week (+1 extension)
  • Individual - Yearly membership: € 40 - 1 year, standard loan term 1 week (+1 extension)
  • Organisation - Monthly membership: € 60 - 1 month, standard loan term 2 weeks (+1 extension)
  • Organisation - Yearly membership: € 100 - 1 year, standard loan term 2 weeks (+1 extension)

Important for people who were a member already in Brussels (in september): 


  • We extend the memberships of these members with 4,5 months. 
  • Existing members don't have to put in extra money. They continue to enjoy the old fee until their membership expires or is renewed. 
  • The insurance also applies to old members. They have earned this perk by keeping their patience for 4,5 months. ;)

Some final remarks:


  • You can start making reservations for tools from Saturday the 17th of February onwards.
  • You are welcome to join us for a sneak preview at the new year's event of Vaartkapoen, Friday 19/1 from 16h until late. More info on Facebook.
  • We are looking for new volunteers. Want to join? Let Olivier know!
  • More details about the use of the workshop and more will be on this website in the days before reopening, so be sure to revisit our site!
  • Spread the word, spread the video below and spread the maker and repair virus in Brussels and elsewhere :)

See you soon!