Temporary closure

We bring bad news this time around. 

Due to (very) unforeseen circumstances, we are are obliged to close shop temporarily and to vacate our workshop in the Rue Haute by the end of this month. 

Our ambitious plans regarding the expansion of our workshop, which we planned to communicate now, will therefore be postponed for a while.

On September 29th the last opening session will take place, however we will do our best to open up again asap: bigger and better of course!

Below we summarize what this means for you. If you have a proposal for a new location for Tournevie, preferably in the city center, let us know!


What this means for you

Five important messages:

  • Everyone needs to bring back all their borrowed tools by Friday 29/9 between 18h-20h at the latest. 
  • Next week, Tournevie will be open every day between 18h and 20h (except Wednesday 17/9) between 18h and 20h so everyone has a chance to bring back borrowed tools in time. 
  • Today (Friday 22/9) is the last day that tools can be borrowed (until we reopen in another location of course).
  • Reservations for October will be cancelled. New reservations are no longer possible. 
  • Your membership will be prolonged automatically with the time period we have been inactive. 

We will use this opportunity to review our entire collection and to apply the necessary repairs and maintenance.