What is this session all about?

This introduction reveals the theory behind welding and how metal and heat interact. You’ll discover different welding techniques.

This course covers:

  • Basic welding theory

  • Safety during welding

  • Overview of arc welding (Stick) and functionality of the machine

  • Recap on preparation of metal for welding

  • Different joints and avoiding distortion

  • In depth overview of the M.I.G. welder: how it works, problem solving and its applications

  • Practical M.I.G. welding exercises

  • Cleaning up welds: wire brush, rotary wire brush

After the course, those attending will be able practise in any of the open workshop sessions (by appointment).

In addition, a course document full of valuable resources will be given to all participants.


€50: this covers material and instructor cost.

This amount is to be wired to our bank account after subscription via the form below.

Our IBAN account number is BE47 8939 4403 4680.

Instructor for this session

Hugh Roche Kelly. His bio can be found at the end of this page.

Prior knowledge required?

No experience necessary. All material needed is provided. Welding gloves and a protective mask, and other protective equipment is provided to all doing the course.

For safety reasons, the number of participants is strictly limited. Wear non-synthetic clothes, and sturdy closed toed shoes.